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Lesley Richardson writes for a living but she’d quite like to change what she does and write for a living.

For a very long time she has been a freelance copywriter, providing all kinds of words for all sorts of clients, and for a little while now she’s been running a side-line in fiction. The thing is, hardly anyone has read her fiction and she would very much like to swap things around a bit – have a lot more readers and a few less clients. (Not that she’s had enough of clients altogether. For the record, her clients are all damn fine people.)

Inspired by being shortlisted in the Orange Northern Woman Short Story contest and having her story, Angel, published in an anthology,  Lesley tentatively began writing a novel. It took her a while, but she finally completed her book, Biddy Weirdo, in 2008. To her delight and amazement she secured an agent who, to her joy and astonishment, secured her an offer of publication. Even more incredible, ‘the call’ came a few hours after her husband, John, received ‘the call’ from his agent to say that his non-fiction book had just been sold. You can imagine the scene in the Richardson household that evening.

Sadly Lesley’s deal fell through. Happily John’s didn’t.

After a bit of a hiatus Lesley began her second novel, The Possibilities of Elizabeth, for which she was awarded a National Lottery funded Arts Council Grant. She was also presented with a literary bursary from North Down Borough Council for a residency at the esteemed Tyrone Guthrie Centre.

The second novel is taking shape, but Lesley does have a tendency to procrastinate. This doesn’t seem to affect her day job writing at all, but has been very detrimental to the progression of her book. She also has this thing about letting people see her writing: it makes her feel as though she is naked, standing at a bus stop.  Ridiculous, really, when she wants to change her life and become a published writer who will be read by, well, people.

She has been invited to read from her work at the Aspects Literature and Speaking of Books festivals and, in spite of feeling exceedingly naked, really quite enjoyed the experience. In fact, she would quite like to do some more.

All things considered, Lesley has decided it’s time to hold her hands up, take a deep breath, go public and start this blog in the hope that it will cure her procrastination and dilute the naked thing. She’s also hoping to make some new writing friends along the way, have some fun, and, obviously, someday get ‘the call’. Again.


Other stuff:

Lesley lives in Bangor, a small seaside town in Northern Ireland, with her husband, the aforementioned John, and her teenage daughter, Aimee.

John’s book, Dream On, went on to become a best seller in the UK and was published in the USA and Germany. It is about to be made into a movie. He has also published two best selling business books about running and setting up coffee shops.

Aimee is in year 10 at school. She loves to act and in her spare time plays Princess Myrcella Baratheon in the hugely successful HBO production, Game of Thrones.

Lesley has a lot to live up to.

10 Responses to About Me

  1. Jane says:

    Well done Lesley. Fab blog site. It couldn’t be more Interesting than had you been naked at the bus stop if you catch what I mean!! Hopefully this will inspire someone to read your work and sign you up. You deserve it! Very proud of you xxx jane

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Jane! And just keep an eye on the bus stop nearest your house – you never know … x

  2. Edna says:

    Love your blog Leslie! What fun and great way to share what’s in your head

  3. Mark T says:

    Is there any chance you could put Angel up on this site, or would you get into trouble? I’d be delighted to read it.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Mark – it was the one of the first pieces of fiction I wrote and have to admit I cringe now when I read it. Mind you, I cringe when I read everything I write! Don’t think there would be an issue though – don’t know if I’m brave enough just yet though. Let me think about it! :[

  5. yvonne says:

    Just discovered your blog and all its deliciousness. I’m from Antrim myself, now living in Phoenix, also with a daughter of the teenage variety – more on that, working, living, and most of all remembering Norn Iron at my blog.

    • admin says:

      Yvonne – thanks for your lovely comments. I went straight over to your own blog and it’s beautiful. You’ve had me laughing, crying and reminiscing for the past half hour. Now I need to go do some work – but I’ll be popping back later to read more! xx

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  7. Kathryn Thomson says:

    Hi Lesley. I think you’re great!

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